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Summary: If gold is the reward she will do almost anything.

Eve Fireflood

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Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Adventurers




Eve possesses the skill of music. She has the singing voice of a songbird. Her melodies can alter people’s feelings depending on what song she sings. She can bring others stainless joy or drive them into dark pits of insanity.



Physical Appearance

Eve has short cut red hair and dark blue eyes. She stands 5’6” tall and is more muscle than curves.

Personality and interests

Eve is a very observant woman who thinks before she speaks. She is known to be quiet and when she does say something it is only a few words. She does what she thinks is right and not what others tell her to, however, if gold is concerned, she’s your woman for the job.

Eve likes to be in control of situations and in power of other.


Eve was born to an Elf woman and a Human man. Her father died shortly after her birth, leaving her with barely any memories nor grief over him. She spent most of her life learning melodies and their effects on people.

When she was 16 she set out into the world alone, dedicated to explore those parts of the land she hadn’t yet explored. During her travels, she bacame more and more hungry for money as she learned the power it had over others.

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Image of Eve Fireflood
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