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Summary: A candle may smell nice, and be a warmth to mice. Remember us Kobolds say, with fire we don't play.

Rix Crow

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Adventurers


Kobold, 100% pure blooded Kobold.

(Scaled Variant)


He has no magical abilities or spells, but he has a good aim with a spear. He is an excellent trap maker, ambush planner, and swimmer. He is also light-footed, swift, and agile. He also has excellent night vision, which is counteracted by his slight sight struggles in bright areas. He also works well with animals. He also has a small Bag of Holding, which does have a capacity, so he uses it only to store fish.


He has no rank, but he is is known by the nickname Fishfoe, because of his reputation as a skilled fisherman.

Physical Appearance

As earlier mentioned, he is a scaled Kobold, and is quite short. He only reaches 2'11, and weighs about 30 pounds. He has a slightly longer tail, and his back scales are dark grey, while his underbelly is light grey. He has large eyes, one is yellow, and one is blue (A rare mutation among Kobolds). He has sharp teeth, toe claws, and finger nails. He has two little white horns on his head, used for display. His left arm is covered in a burn mark from an spilt candle wax incident. He wears light, leather and steel armor, because he thinks he looks cool in it, and bears can get scary.

Personality and interests

Rix is an stereotypical kobold to certain degrees, since he likes collecting shiny coins, loves candles, and dislikes gnomes. Even still, he is an helpful soul, who likes making friends and offering assistance. He may be clingy at times, especially to his pet Gecko, who he protects dearly. He is also skittish, yet surprisingly brave. He loves crafts, and building simple things like traps and the such. Although he loves to eat the fish he catches, he has an varied diet, and can eat anything from candies, to pastries, to muddy pond beetles. Rix likes to be well groomed, and is often adjusting his armor and checking his hygiene. He is fond of nature and wildlife, and is strangely captivated by the color blue. He can come off as aggressive, and still has his distrust for gnomes.


He was born in a common kobold lair, with hundreds of his kin. But he seemed different in the head. When he learnt the basic kobold skills, he rarely applied them, instead letting his allies do the work. He soon found out his mistakes when he forgot to reset the traps outside their lair, and were ravaged by an army of mountain gnomes, who also called the caverns home. Most of his people were slaughtered, and the rest were enslaved.

He spent at least 6 years in this forced labor, before performing a bold escape. He helped as many kobolds as he could, but only a few made it out alive. He told the others that the gnomes would track and kill them, unless they split up and parted ways. He never saw the survivors again.

He spent the next two years traveling town to town, hunting fish in the rivers, and selling them in towns. This was how he ran across his gecko, trapped inside a large, slippery bucket. Being good with animals, he fed the lizard on fish scraps, and nursed it back to health.

A few months later, he found an Bag of Holding on the body of a long deceased human traveler, so he took the bag and used him as fishing bait.

Another two years passed before he reached Arcadia, where he bought a tiny little home in the city, near the entryways, so he can fish, and he is also close to the market, so he can sell his wares. He has been living in the city for a year now, and has since earned his nickname, and knows many of the places in the walls.

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