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Summary: The cursed swordsman

Alexsander Dorma

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Adventurers




He is a super skilled swordsman with the cursed sword, The Avenger, which contains the soul of a powerful demon call Vengeance. He can use the sword for the demon's powers. If he leaves himself open or lets the demon in, he will be possessed. He is one of the only people who have enough will so that they can weld the sword, without the demon within it possessing him.


The cursed swordsman

Physical Appearance

The pic, demon markings coming from his right arm up to his right eye. Right eye is red, his left is light blue

Personality and interests

Plans ahead, agreeable, smart and strong willed.
To rid the lands of evil


Alex comes from a family of skilled warriors. When he was fifteen, he decided to go around to kill evil doers after his sister was murdered by a dark magic user. He was attacked by a group of vampires called Night terrors, bat like monstrous vampires. He was wounded, and dying. That's when he found the Avenger. He picked up the sword and used the demon's powers to destroy the Night terrors. He used his will and was able not to be possessed. Now he wanders around the land with the cursed sword.

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Image of Alexsander Dorma
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