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Summary: I bet you two gold coins that you cannot beat me in a fight

Aurum Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Adventurers




No magic, but is exceptionally skilled in the art of sword fighting and knows his way around one-handed weapons better than many.



Physical Appearance

Aurum as blonde hair and brown eyes. He stands 5”10 tall and carries two iron blades, one for each hand to swing.

Personality and interests

Aurum is really good at overestimating himself and underestimating others. With an ego as big and arrow proof as a dragon, he tends to do a lot of things that end up getting him into trouble. Nevertheless, his charms know no boundaries


Aurum grew up in a little fishermens town. His parents were fishermen themselves, but Aurum never took a liking to the job despite his parents insisting. Instead he taught himself how to fight from a young age and soon started training with one of the weapon smiths in town to become and even better fighter.

When he was 19 he lost a bet to a group of ruthless orcs, which he was convinced he would win. Aurum had to flee his home town and hideout in the furthest village, due to not having all the money he owed.

Now, after months, he is still hiding.

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Image of Aurum Hunter
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