An Honourable Death

Eve propped herself onto her elbows just in time to watch the holy knight make his sacrifice. Finally the necromancer disappeared and Eve managed to get back onto her feet. Her rib cage ached, but she breathed through it as she made her way to the dying knight.

She fell back onto her knees next to him and took the amulet from his hand. “You are very brave,” she spoke as she inspected the piece of jewellery. Shiny, gold and most likely worth a lot of money.

Eve thought about keeping the amulet for herself, after all he wouldn’t be needing it anymore once he was dead, and his daughter had no way of knowing he intended to gift it to her as an apology. Yet, the sudden realisation of the true challenge this quest was turning out to be, made her think twice.

“If I am lucky enough to live through this quest, I promise to return it to your daughter,” she said as the matter-of-fact it was.

At last she pried the helmet from the man’s head and layed it beside him so he could die with the wind against his face. She got back up and eyed Nirick and then the rest of the group before stepping aside to watch everyone start bickering about their next steps.

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