Monsters in the Night

Rix had set the snare, and all his other traps, and walked the perimeter. He then chose a good spot to settle, and waited there for his shift to end. Maybe he shouldn't have been so eager. But also, he made the decision, and by golly he would stick to it.

As the hours passed, or what felt like hours. He sat there, listening to the sounds of the trees rustling in the night. That noise was interrupted when he heard an loud snap, one of his snares going off. He popped to his feet and started walking over. In the trap, sat an plump, meaty bunny.

"Free food." He muttered, as he pulled the bunny from the trap.

Suddenly, more snaps went off, two, three, four. Rix stayed put, and calculated his moves. He could run, or he could investigate further. He decided to make his way back to the group, and warn them.

Never turn your back on danger.

As he did this he heard an loud growl, from a few strides behind him. He swung around, and saw an zombie, missing an leg from the trap. Two more, one leggers were following. Rix jabbed his spear into the head of the first one, and kicked the other two. He was knocked over by an brute force of rotten muscle, as another zombie made his attack. His head banged against the ground, and within moments he was unconscious.

Mud hopped out of Rix's pocket and ran back to the camp. He was squeaking his mating squawk, the loudest noise he could make, and darted lightning fast.

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