Let's 'hop' to it

Nirick grabbed his gear and ran toward the sound of danger. He called to Moss and Olive, "Let's hop to it!"

"I swear by Ramenos' big belly if you say that one more time...," Moss growled.

"Shut up, little brother, he only says it to get your mad - you fight better mad," Olive joked joining in.

"Stop calling me little!" Moss yelled and pounced on a zombie, flattening it with a sickening smoosh.

Nirick had his crossbow out and brought down 3, emptying his chamber of pre-loaded bolts. From there, he brought out a pair of clubs from under his cloak. He'd taken an old oak tree and hollowed out the core, filling it with small, metal balls. Then'd he'd heat treated the wood and coated it with enough resin to make them strong as metal themselves. The small metal balls would roll from one end to the other, increasing the momentum of his strike about three-fold. With those, he was able to take down or at least fend off others.

Moss and Olive held their own, spearing and striking down many others.

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