A Pack Of Undead

Eve awoke to the sound of shouting and fighting. In an instance she was on her feet, bow in hand and blinking away the faint blurr of sleep.

She looked around to find her team fighting what appeared to be a pack of undead making their way for camp. Although there weren’t many left, she still drew an arrow and aimed it at one of the snarling zombies. She pulled back the string and released the arrow, causing it to pierce through the foul corpses head.

She shot another arrow at an approaching zombie. Once it was on the ground she had a look around. Everyone appeared to be handling themselves rather well. It surprised Eve. She’d thought that she was traveling with a bunch of merchants and fishermen from town who had nothing better to do with their lives than join the king’s quest.

On second thought that did sound rather ridiculous. She shouldn’t be surprised by her companions fighting skills, it should be to expected.

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