OOC - Anwsers

Now I know that everyone stopped when I just had the main bad guy show up. Let me explain, the main bad guy isn't the one to sit on his throne or hideout in his lair kind of bad guy. He travels around to make sure his stuff gets done the right way. He had a spy tell him about the aventures. Short story is that he came here to slap the group around, then leaves them to lick their wounds to do other evil stuff. As you saw, normal weapons don't work, explanation, he's a powerful undead, but the characters don't know that. He say that he's immortal and stuff and try to scare your characters away. He can be killed by a powerful holy and powerful demonic weapons. So you might think alex is the key, answer, yes and also no. I didn't want to ruin the plot but you guys just stopped when the bad guy showed up. hopefully this clears a lot of things.

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