Not her!

Nirick knew Moss was in danger but seeing Eve surrounded in darkness he had to act. He was fueled by rage and adrenaline and his growing feelings for Eve. He figured his bolts would do nothing. He reached to his hips where he kept the flaming daggers and brought them forth. Slicing them across each other would ignite them. Maybe fire would do something?

Never being the most agile, one blade came out fine, but the other caught the pouch on his hip, which contained the crushed bones. His blade sliced the bag off his hip and sent it flying forward. Forgetting he was holding a blade in the other hand, he reached out to grab it and the blade ignited as he cut into the bag and the bone meal powder balls erupted into flames, causing a small fireball between Nirick and the Necromancer...

OCC: So I'm thinking since these are all bones of Bullywugs, whom have a whole different spiritual path than this Necromancer follows, he'd find their bones disgusting, and flee? Nirick would know this was just a band aid solution - like bug spray - maybe it'll deter the necromancer temporarily?

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