The Chase Is On

"Hank, it's me." She said. "I hope you're awake, Johnson wants us down in the lobby in a couple minutes."

Hank awoke at her voice, almost expecting Val to still be in his arms. Was it a dream?

Through the fog of a hangover, he could still smell Val’s presence. It really happened!

Calling back, Hank shouted too loud for his hangover, “I’ll meet you there!”

He had to grab a quick shower, pop a few tylenol, and grab his laptop. Accomplishing this, he was downstairs in twenty minutes, unshaven, with a hangover still, but feeling great.

He saw Val with Johnson and grinned, remembering last night. “I’m sorry! I must have overslept! What’s up?”

Hank realized he managed that with no stuttering. He was walking with more of a spring in his step. Somewhere, overnight, he had a newly found confidence. He knew just who to thank for it, but not here. He did manage a quick look to Val with a smile. If he could wink, he’d have done it.

Quin took the meds and smoothed flys hair giving hima reasuring smile. "see your going to be just fine." max patted his leg and stood "take your meds and rest. " she ordered the leaft to go shower. Neil grinned at fly "cant check out on us just yet man.." he teased then left to room to find something to eat.
Rayden still looked concurned as he looked to krut. "its nit aafe for us to stay here long...we need to go soon."

“Go without me,” Fly softly said. “I’ll catch up in a few days.”

Inside, he wished at least Quin would stay with him. She knew the area and was good company. Fly was glad that it was an infection that an antibiotic would clean from his system. However, that didn’t help with the fever now.

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