Poor Johnson’s Johnson

"What if they don't come quietly?" Val asked. She didn't specifically mention Hank's brother, but her mind was on him nonetheless.

"I'm not taking a bullet for these punks." Johnson said. "If they shoot at you, shoot back. Deadly force won't be frowned on given they've already killed one guy."

Suddenly the rather blissful feeling Val had from the previous night was pierced by reality. She looked to Hank, hoping he knew she'd do everything to bring his brother in alive.

Hank grimaced as he thought of having to fun down anyone, much less have to shoot at his brother. He couldn’t foresee Johnny being mixed up with violent people. Hank could feel the .38 holstered at his shoulder under his black jacket. He wasn’t counting on having to use his fingers to pull a trigger for the bureau, only tap a keyboard.

Johnson was gung-ho. Hopefully, he didn’t do anything to cause a panic. Hopefully, everyone would keep a level head, using logic in the situation. Emotions weren’t bad, especially in situations like last night, but in these type situations, logic must prevail.

He wanted to tell Johnson just what he thought of him. <I> Hey Johnson! Guess whose Johnson didn’t see any action last night and which Johnson didn’t.</I> However, that would be rude and crude, socially unacceptable. Hank started to chuckle at the thought. He shared a another knowing look at Val. Right now, she was his stability.

Quin shook her head "if you have to wait then so will i. Im not going to leave you here alone." rayden nodded that would most likely be the best.

Fly was relieved. He didn’t want to hold the team back. They could get back home to start planning the next event of the Ozaki eight. He’d feel better in a couple of days. He and Quin would join them then. He was glad Quin was staying with him. He was becoming close as a brother to everyone in the group, but Quin was fast becoming someone special to him.

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