Making The Call

Quin shook her head "if you have to wait then so will i. Im not going to leave you here alone." rayden nodded that would most likely be the best.

Fly was relieved. He didn’t want to hold the team back. They could get back home to start planning the next event of the Ozaki eight. He’d feel better in a couple of days. He and Quin would join them then. He was glad Quin was staying with him. He was becoming close as a brother to everyone in the group, but Quin was fast becoming someone special to him.

Kurt nodded. "If that's the case, you two will need to find a place to lie low until Fly's able to move." He wondered how helpful Alejandro and his group of smugglers would be in that area. He left the group to seek him out and soon found the man looking over the plane they'd be taking back to the states.

"You need a place for your sick man and his woman?" Alejandro said with a nod. "I may know of a place. However it will cost extra."

Kurt nodded, "Fine. Whatever. So long as my friends are safe."

Alejandro smirked. "Very well, my friend. I will make a call. They should be ready to leave within the hour. My friend will collect them before we depart for the states."

"Who is this friend of yours?" Kurt asked.

"Another crazy gringo." Alejandro told him. "He's used to situations like the one you and your friends are in. And he's trustworthy. Your friends will be in good hands."

Kurt put his hand on Alejandro's shoulder. "Thank you."

Alejandro shrugged and smirked. "Think nothing of it. I like you crazy gringos!"

Kurt, nonetheless, was thankful. He returned to the others and told Fly and Quin about the new arrangement. "You two are gonna be safe, this guy Alejandro's calling will keep an eye on you until Fly's back on his feet." He looked to Quin. "You take care of this crazy bastard. Alright?" His features softened. "And you two better not take your sweet time. We'll meet back in Cali at Tony's place. Got it? We're not moving onto the next challenge without out."


He wanted to tell Johnson just what he thought of him. <I> Hey Johnson! Guess whose Johnson didn’t see any action last night and which Johnson didn’t.</I> However, that would be rude and crude, socially unacceptable. Hank started to chuckle at the thought. He shared a another knowing look at Val. Right now, she was his stability.

Val shot Hank a quick smile while Johnson was looking out the window. It was like she was a teenager again, hiding her new boyfriend from her domineering father. She could tell Hank was more at ease, that confidence was beginning to shine through and damn did he look good with it.

Soon they were arriving at a helipad with a number of SUV's parked around it and a small squad of armed men waiting for them. Johnson was the first to step out and was greeted by the strike team comprised of both FBI and Brazilian feds. This was a joint operation, but it had been established that the US was operating in this purely as support. Though that was more to please the politicians, Johnson was in charge of this outfit and he made no secret about it. He started barking orders as he went to one of the SUV's and started putting on tactical gear. Val did the same.

"Squint!" Johnson looked to Hank. "Put on this vest! Precaution only. You're gonna be staying back and helping with the tech side of things." Then he looked to Val. "Remember the plan, no screw-ups and no hesitating. If I'm gonna be bringing home body bags I'd rather those fuckers were in them instead of you or me. Got it?" Then he looked to the Brazilian team. "Comprende?"

The feds in SWAT gear nodded.

"Alright!" Johnson waved his hand in a circle. "Let's get moving!"

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