Kurt, nonetheless, was thankful. He returned to the others and told Fly and Quin about the new arrangement. "You two are gonna be safe, this guy Alejandro's calling will keep an eye on you until Fly's back on his feet." He looked to Quin. "You take care of this crazy bastard. Alright?" His features softened. "And you two better not take your sweet time. We'll meet back in Cali at Tony's place. Got it? We're not moving onto the next challenge without out."

Quin smiled at kurt "you better wait for us" she said and laid down next to fly in the bed. Max and neil both returned as kurt informed everyone of the plan the went to join rayden on the couch. A bit off stress seemed to leave the group now that they knew fly was taken care of and they would be out of here soon. Max laid over with her head in neils lap and feet in raydens as she tried to get alittle sleep before they left. Rayden and neil sat talking and laughing. Quin looked at fly "i guess this means i get to play dr with you hu?" she said in a suggestive tone and a mischievous glint in her eyes.

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