Heat Rising

Quin looked at fly "i guess this means i get to play dr with you hu?" she said in a suggestive tone and a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Fly enjoyed the look in Quin’s eyes. It made him smile and wish he were healthy enough to do something about that look. Her body, although normal temperature, felt cool against his heat one, but it felt oh so right. He gave her a soft kiss, not able to muster a heated one.

“You doctor me now,” Fly said with a week smile, “and I’ll take care of you when I’m better.”

"Squint!" Johnson looked to Hank. "Put on this vest! Precaution only. You're gonna be staying back and helping with the tech side of things."

“Like hell I am,” Hank objected as he put on the vest. “You’re talking about my brother! If you think I’m not going to help with this, you can go screw yourself!”

Hank almost immediately regretted the words. He didn’t want to seem insubordinate. It would have been another thing if Johnny weren’t involved. He looked to Val for support.

Then Johnson looked to Val. "Remember the plan, no screw-ups and no hesitating. If I'm gonna be bringing home body bags I'd rather those fuckers were in them instead of you or me. Got it?" Then he looked to the Brazilian team. "Comprende?"

The feds in SWAT gear nodded.

"Alright!" Johnson waved his hand in a circle. "Let's get moving!"

Hank followed suit, staying near Val. She was the one he trusted. Going-ho Rambo type agents like Johnson usually complicated things during a raid. He was the kind that thought advancing through the ranks of the FBI by acting like an action hero on steroids. He stuck close to Val, but kept his eyes on Johnson. Johnson, Hank didn’t trust at all

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