Johnson Relents, And In Other News Flying Pigs Found In Oklahoma

"Squint!" Johnson looked to Hank. "Put on this vest! Precaution only. You're gonna be staying back and helping with the tech side of things."

“Like hell I am,” Hank objected as he put on the vest. “You’re talking about my brother! If you think I’m not going to help with this, you can go screw yourself!”

Hank almost immediately regretted the words. He didn’t want to seem insubordinate. It would have been another thing if Johnny weren’t involved. He looked to Val for support.

Much to everyone's surprise, Johnson nodded and smirked at Hank. "Alright, Squint. You can hang with Easton, but remember you were the one wanting to leap into the jaws of hell. You get your ass shot off it's on you."

Then Johnson looked to Val. "Remember the plan, no screw-ups and no hesitating. If I'm gonna be bringing home body bags I'd rather those fuckers were in them instead of you or me. Got it?" Then he looked to the Brazilian team. "Comprende?"

The feds in SWAT gear nodded.

"Alright!" Johnson waved his hand in a circle. "Let's get moving!"

Hank followed suit, staying near Val. She was the one he trusted. Going-ho Rambo type agents like Johnson usually complicated things during a raid. He was the kind that thought advancing through the ranks of the FBI by acting like an action hero on steroids. He stuck close to Val, but kept his eyes on Johnson. Johnson, Hank didn’t trust at all

Val looked to Hank when Johnson hopped into the nearest SUV. She smiled. "I thought he was gonna slug you." Then she leaned in and whispered. "Confident you is real fucking sexy, by the way." She then went to another SUV and hopped in, gesturing for Hank to get in as well.

The door to the room Kurt and the others were resting in opened and in stepped Alejandro and a white man wearing a flamboyant Hawaiian shirt. The man looked around at the Free Ones and nodded.

"Hi, folks!" He said in a booming voice, he waved his hand at them. "I'm Sam. Who am I taking to hide from the heat?"

Alejandro pointed to Fly and Quin. "The sick one and the girl."

Sam flashed a large, cheesy, smile and went over to Fly and Quin and offered his hand. "Nice to meet you two. You'll be staying at my place until your buddy here gets better. Don't worry, it's a lot cozier than this cramped office. And there are better drinks!" He chuckled, then looked to Fly. "Say, do you need help getting around? I brought a wheelchair if ya need it, kiddo."

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