get moving and getting better

Fly enjoyed the look in Quin’s eyes. It made him smile and wish he were healthy enough to do something about that look. Her body, although normal temperature, felt cool against his heat one, but it felt oh so right. He gave her a soft kiss, not able to muster a heated one.

“You doctor me now,” Fly said with a week smile, “and I’ll take care of you when I’m better.”

Quin kissed him back and smiled. "you better." she teased and kissed him again. she didnt know how it happened but she was falling fast in love with fly. she had always thought hes was cute but suddenly it was like jumping out of a plain with no shoot. just a straight free fall into him and she loved it.

The door to the room Kurt and the others were resting in opened and in stepped Alejandro and a white man wearing a flamboyant Hawaiian shirt. The man looked around at the Free Ones and nodded.

"Hi, folks!" He said in a booming voice, he waved his hand at them. "I'm Sam. Who am I taking to hide from the heat?"

Alejandro pointed to Fly and Quin. "The sick one and the girl."

Sam flashed a large, cheesy, smile and went over to Fly and Quin and offered his hand. "Nice to meet you two. You'll be staying at my place until your buddy here gets better. Don't worry, it's a lot cozier than this cramped office. And there are better drinks!" He chuckled, then looked to Fly. "Say, do you need help getting around? I brought a wheelchair if ya need it, kiddo."

Quin nodded and got up to gather their things. she was ready to get going and get fly better.

(ooc: so are fly and quin going to be ale to make it out or are they going to be going out as the swat team is coming in? also the time is getting sorry

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