Time To Move

"Alrighty tighty. I'll go get it then." Sam went back out and soon returned with the wheelchair. "Ta-da! One gimpmobile! Ready to ship off yet kids?"

Fly slowly rose from the bed. He eased himself up by Quin’s side. Placing and arm around Quin for balance, Johnny walked to the chair and sat in it. He didn’t let go of Quin, but pulled her down, atop his lap.

“Let’s roll!” Fly weekly exclaimed. He placed his arms about Quin, holding her tight. She was his security. She was quickly becoming the most important aspect of his life. Fly realized with the implications of this. He was falling in love with this free spirited one. And, he was loving every second of it.

Val looked to Hank when Johnson hopped into the nearest SUV. She smiled. "I thought he was gonna slug you." Then she leaned in and whispered. "Confident you is real fucking sexy, by the way." She then went to another SUV and hopped in, gesturing for Hank to get in as well.

Hank crawled into the SUV next to Val. He was surprised by Johnson’s response. Adrenaline started heightening Hank’s senses as he realized the time was nearing where they would be seeing Johnny and his friends face-to-face. What would happen? He hoped they would realize it was time to quit. Time to surrender.

He glanced over at Val, taking in he sexiness, still not believing the night of pleasure he had with her last night. Slowly, and secretly, so that others didn’t see it, Hank slid his hand across the seat and took Val’s in his.

As the SUVs began to head to their destination, he realized the protective gear each had on them. Damn! He hoped Johnny and his friends came quietly. However, the way they were risking their lives, he doubted they would.

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