Collision Course

“Let’s roll!” Fly weekly exclaimed. He placed his arms about Quin, holding her tight. She was his security. She was quickly becoming the most important aspect of his life. Fly realized with the implications of this. He was falling in love with this free spirited one. And, he was loving every second of it.

Quin grinned and wrapped her arms around fly. Max hugged them both before they left and neil hugged quin and ruffled flys hair like he was a little kid. "get better brother." rayden smiled at both of them. after saying their goodbyes quin looked to the man. "i think we are ready, lead the way" she said and got up to push flys chair for him.

Sam let out a chuckle and, going with the situation, gestured for the two to follow him out of the office and took them to his car, a jeep. There, helped them inside.

"Alright kiddos," Sam said as he started the jeep. "Off to my place."

Sam drove them away from the airfield and into the town, all the while Sam had some Classic Rock playing on an old tape. He took a few turns down back roads and alleys before stopping at the rear entrance to a small building sandwiched between two taller ones. Sam hopped out and helped the two of them get out of the jeep before gesturing to the building.

"My bar, Matilda's." Sam said. "Named the place after an old flame. Oh man she had the biggest..." He gave them a coy grin then chuckled. "...Personality... Ah... well this is my place. Let's get you inside."


He glanced over at Val, taking in he sexiness, still not believing the night of pleasure he had with her last night. Slowly, and secretly, so that others didn’t see it, Hank slid his hand across the seat and took Val’s in his.

As the SUVs began to head to their destination, he realized the protective gear each had on them. Damn! He hoped Johnny and his friends came quietly. However, the way they were risking their lives, he doubted they would.

Val was somewhat shocked by Hank's taking of her hand. And suddenly it was her who was the nervous one. She smiled at him quickly before pulling her hand away, then giving him a look that said: "Not while we're working."

She hoped he understood. It was bad enough she'd gotten Hank to work on the team, despite his personal involvement, which was already stretching things with the Bureau. If they got found out, odds are one or both of them would be sent to some nowhere shit job in Alaska. And you can't surf in Alaska the last time Val checked.

They were getting closer, Val could see the airfield getting closer through the window of the truck. She put her hand on her sidearm and steeled herself for the events to come...


"Alright boys and girls!" Alejandro shouted to the Free Ones. "You ready to go home?"

Kurt cracked his neck, he'd grown a bit stiff sitting around waiting for the situation with Fly to get taken care of as well as for Alejandro and his men to prep the plane. He was eager to get moving again. He looked to his brothers and sisters and said: "More than ready. Let's get our asses movin'!"

Kurt followed Alejandro to the plane after slipping into a skydiving suit. He personally checked everyone's parachute, because despite everything he didn't trust Alejandro and his men. He was relieved to see they were all good and ready, so he turned to start ushering everyone onto the plane when he heard the faint sound of trucks in the distance...

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