when it hits the fan

"My bar, Matilda's." Sam said. "Named the place after an old flame. Oh man she had the biggest..." He gave them a coy grin then chuckled. "...Personality... Ah... well this is my place. Let's get you inside."

Fly grinned, recognizing the shifting gears in Sam’s mind as he spoke. It didn’t matter to Johnny how big her assets were. She would never measure up to Quin.

He looked up at her and gave a weak wink. He thought he could endure the moving, but it had actually taken a lot out of him. He was feeling his temperature spiking again.

“I think I’m going to need some rest,” he confesses. “Doc?” he looked up at Quin, “what is your prognosis?”

quin kissed his head "i think you need ibuprofen to kill that fever and then you can rest" she said then looked to sam " can you show us were we will be staying? i need to lay him down" she said sweetly. that was just quin always sweet smiles and buuble gum words. she was like a little sun drop girl but when she snapped man did she snap, she just hoped fly never had to see that.


"Alright boys and girls!" Alejandro shouted to the Free Ones. "You ready to go home?"

Kurt cracked his neck, he'd grown a bit stiff sitting around waiting for the situation with Fly to get taken care of as well as for Alejandro and his men to prep the plane. He was eager to get moving again. He looked to his brothers and sisters and said: "More than ready. Let's get our asses movin'!"

neil made a loud woop sound and max laughed. they all followed kurt and the other man out to the plain.

Kurt followed Alejandro to the plane after slipping into a skydiving suit. He personally checked everyone's parachute, because despite everything he didn't trust Alejandro and his men. He was relieved to see they were all good and ready, so he turned to start ushering everyone onto the plane when he heard the faint sound of trucks in the distance...

max was standing in front of kurt as he checked her shoot, rayden was also checking neils. the sound of trucks had max looking up "kurt..we got company" she said. the grin that neil had been wearing fell away. and he reached for his pack and pulled out a semi auto, ever the battle dog. rayden shook his head "why do you even have that?" neil just shrugged now was not the time to have the peace first argument with his brother. "kurt...we have to go now..." max said nervously as the trucks got closer. rayden hurried and started throwing in what they absolutely needed. Alejandros men started running around taking up defensive positions and fire arms. shit was about to get real and they all knew it.

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