The Lies We Tell

"kurt..we got company" she said. the grin that neil had been wearing fell away. and he reached for his pack and pulled out a semi auto, ever the battle dog. rayden shook his head "why do you even have that?" neil just shrugged now was not the time to have the peace first argument with his brother. "kurt...we have to go now..." max said nervously as the trucks got closer. rayden hurried and started throwing in what they absolutely needed. Alejandros men started running around taking up defensive positions and fire arms. shit was about to get real and they all knew it.

The SUV came to a halt near the airfield and Val quickly hopped out, her sidearm at the ready. She looked back to see that Hank wasn't far behind her as the team of feds began to approach the building.

It didn't take long for the first shots to be fired as one of the smugglers tried firing at one of the armored feds. He missed but now it was clear to both parties what sort of show this was. Val ran and took cover behind some sturdy looking barrels and returned fire.

On the other side of the airfield, Johnson and his team were preparing to flank the group that was trying to load up the plane, which already had its engine running and was no doubt going to take off very soon.


"Dammit, Neill! Where the hell did you get that?" Kurt bellowed. "We're not going to get into a standoff with the feds! Get on this plane and--" Kurt was cutoff when a barrage of gunfire came sailing into the hangar near the plane.

"You kids better get on!" Alejandro said. "My feeling is they mean to stop this flight! We've got no time to waste!"


Sam had a pair of headphones pressed to one ear as he listened to his scanner. He could hear the, usually encoded, signals that most feds used and he could put the picture together that something big was going down. He sighed, shook his head, and put the headphones down and turned off the scanner before grabbing two bottles of tequila and returning to where Fly and Quin were settled. He forced a perfect smile and handed one of the bottles to Quin.

"Sounds like your friends got out clean." He lied. He was an expert at lying, though usually he didn't lie to spare people their feelings. This was something new. He liked these kids, and he didn't want them to worry. Even though things were going pear shaped over there, he was confident that Alejandro would get those guys out of there.

"It's time we celebrate!" Sam said as he opened his bottle of tequila and poured a shot for himself.

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