Everyone Is Safe?

It didn't take long for the first shots to be fired as one of the smugglers tried firing at one of the armored feds. He missed but now it was clear to both parties what sort of show this was. Val ran and took cover behind some sturdy looking barrels and returned fire.

Hank crouched behind some barrels directly across from Val. Adrenaline was freely flowing, producing a nervous energy he’d rather not have during his first shootout. He considered himself a virgin in these types of things just as he was sexually before last night. He admired Val for her seeming sense of calmness. Following her lead, Hank popped up from behind the barrels and fired a few rounds, ducking back in behind the barrels. Hank was grateful for the vest he wore, but realized a good headshot would most likely permanently end his search for Johnny.

quin kissed his head "i think you need ibuprofen to kill that fever and then you can rest" she said then looked to sam " can you show us were we will be staying? i need to lay him down" she said sweetly. that was just quin always sweet smiles and buuble gum words. she was like a little sun drop girl but when she snapped man did she snap, she just hoped fly never had to see that.

Sounds like your friends got out clean." He lied. He was an expert at lying, though usually he didn't lie to spare people their feelings. This was something new. He liked these kids, and he didn't want them to worry. Even though things were going pear shaped over there, he was confident that Alejandro would get those guys out of there.

"It's time we celebrate!" Sam said as he opened his bottle of tequila and poured a shot for himself.

Fly sat up in his bed. The news encouraged him. He was happy that his illness hadn’t slowed them down enough to be stopped. Although not really up to celebrating, Fly knew he needed rest. What better means to put him to sleep, than a few shots of tequila. He drank a few shots, suddenly becoming very drowsy. Soon, Fly was in la-la land, a deep

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