Dammit, Neill! Where the hell did you get that?" Kurt bellowed. "We're not going to get into a standoff with the feds! Get on this plane and--" Kurt was cutoff when a barrage of gunfire came sailing into the hangar near the plane.

"You kids better get on!" Alejandro said. "My feeling is they mean to stop this flight! We've got no time to waste!"

Neal stood behind some creats and stuff watching as they got closer. Then he joined in sending of rounds to keeo the feds back long ebough for them to get on the plane. " just hurry and go! Im right behind you!"
Rayden set his jaw and finished loading their stuff as he turned to help max in a baray of bullets showered down on them max and rayden hit the deck laying on the grond to avoid stray bulluets. Neil fired back a angry frown on his face. Then turned slightly to yell at them "get your asses on the plain!!" thats when another round showered over them rayden and max covered their heads. When it was over, maybe the fed were reloading max looked up at neil. He had a stunned look on his face and turn to them slowly that's when red spot started to show on his blue shirt darkening the color Panic at her she started to cry. Neil shook his head and grined at her "i love you baby" it was the first time he had ever said it, and then his legs crumpled under im. Rayden saired in horror as hs brother hit the ground, max screamd and jumped up to go to him but the bullets startrd again and rayden pulled her down "we have to go!" he yelled she shoved him away and tried to crawl to neal "no no no" it came out as a plea tears bluring her vision. Rayden picked her up by her waste and carried her to the plain "max! max we have to go!" and he drug her on bored. Once they were all on bored and the door was closed she turned to him hitting him in the chest and screaming "you left him! We have to go back! You just left him!" tears slid sighlently down raydens face and he rapped his arms around her holding her to him, leting her take her pain out on him while he bottled his up. She wet limp in his arms and sobbed. Rayden looked to kurt with blood shot eyes. "tell them to get us out of here man"


"Sounds like your friends got out clean." He lied. He was an expert at lying, though usually he didn't lie to spare people their feelings. This was something new. He liked these kids, and he didn't want them to worry. Even though things were going pear shaped over there, he was confident that Alejandro would get those guys out of there.

"It's time we celebrate!" Sam said as he opened his bottle of tequila and poured a shot for himself.

Quin grinned at him as she gave fly something for the fever. "awsome , im so excited for fly to get better. then we can meet up and do the jump" she sat down next to him and smoothed his hair "but im but rushing you...i can wait" then she kissed hia cheee

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