Freedom Has Fallen

He had a stunned look on his face and turn to them slowly that's when red spot started to show on his blue shirt darkening the color Panic at her she started to cry. Neil shook his head and grined at her "i love you baby" it was the first time he had ever said it, and then his legs crumpled under im. Rayden saired in horror as hs brother hit the ground, max screamd and jumped up to go to him but the bullets startrd again and rayden pulled her down "we have to go!" he yelled she shoved him away and tried to crawl to neal "no no no" it came out as a plea tears bluring her vision. Rayden picked her up by her waste and carried her to the plain "max! max we have to go!" and he drug her on bored. Once they were all on bored and the door was closed she turned to him hitting him in the chest and screaming "you left him! We have to go back! You just left him!" tears slid sighlently down raydens face and he rapped his arms around her holding her to him, leting her take her pain out on him while he bottled his up. She wet limp in his arms and sobbed. Rayden looked to kurt with blood shot eyes. "tell them to get us out of here man"

Kurt felt his heart sink low, lower than it had ever gone before. He turned to the pilot and shouted: "Get us the fuck out of here!"

The pilot nodded and the plane started to travel down the runway...


The bastards are getting away!" Johnson shouted. "Take that plane out! Don't let them get airborne!"

Val had seen the free ones carrying one of their wounded onto the plane before it started down the runway, she was sure it wasn't Hank's brother. In fact, the had prayed it wasn't his brother. The last thing she wanted was to see that face of his look sad for any reason. She suddenly felt the urge to call of the team trying to shoot down the plane as it took off, but she didn't have a good enough reason to justify it beyond that she didn't want to see Hank hurt.

But then fate opened a door for her. She spotted a group of men approaching from the far end of the hangar and she shouted to her team that they were about to get flanked. The team of feds turned their attention to the group of smugglers and opened fire on them.


Alejandro fell onto the ground, blood pooled around him as the feds took out his team. Yet he saw the plane was making its escape, he had faith in his people to get out before things got worse. He was already losing a lot of blood, it was just a matter of time now. He was done. He smiled and waited for the end to come.

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