Reality Hits

Alejandro fell onto the ground, blood pooled around him as the feds took out his team. Yet he saw the plane was making its escape, he had faith in his people to get out before things got worse. He was already losing a lot of blood, it was just a matter of time now. He was done. He smiled and waited for the end to come.

When the firing stopped, Hank came out from behind some barrels. He must have fired shots; his clip was empty. In less than twenty-four hours, Hank had lost his virginity in sex and in gunfights. It seemed all to unreal, like an action movie designed to stimulate others minds.

Maybe they could find someone for questioning. The first person Hank came upon was staring straight up into the sky, as if he was looking for an angel to come and take him away. He looked peaceful, except for the bullet wounds and the blood trickling from his mouth.

As the adrenaline wore off, Hank realized they were shooting at Johnny and his friends. At least one was wounded and likely killed. He remembered seeing him loaded on the plane. He didn’t remember seeing Johnny running for the plane. It was possible the body was Johnny. Unless he was still here.

There were so many bodies, Hank couldn’t bring himself to look. The fact that Johnny could be dead and that Hank was one that was firing at him and his friends made Hank Sick to his stomach. He quickly ran behind some barrels and lost the contents of his stomach, hoping Val didn’t see him.

Quin grinned at him as she gave fly something for the fever. "awsome , im so excited for fly to get better. then we can meet up and do the jump" she sat down next to him and smoothed his hair "but im but rushing you...i can wait" then she kissed hia cheek

Fly smiled back at Quin. If he had his strength, he’d have taken her in his arms and made love with her all night. He knew he was hopelessly in love. There wasn’t a doubt. Her free spirit and sexy body had one him over.

The tequila, acetaminophen, and antibiotics were wearing Fly down. He gently reached and caressed Quin, then fell sound asleep again, this time with dreams. He dreamt that it was morning. Fly felt much better, news of the Free Ones escape came through, and Fly and Quin celebrated with their passion, before making plans to join the others. It was the best rest he had gotten since hearing of the man falling out of the plane.

In the morning, Fly was feeling much better. His fever broke sometime in the night, as attested by his sweat soaked sheets. He felt refreshed, except for the sweaty smell. Tying not to awake Quin, Fly searched for a shower.

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