New day

Kurt felt his heart sink low, lower than it had ever gone before. He turned to the pilot and shouted: "Get us the fuck out of here!"

The pilot nodded and the plane started to travel down the runway...

A few hours into the flight rayden sat with max laied out in his lap having cried her self to sleep. He looked to kurt witth red rimmed eyes when he spoke his voice was a croak. "do you think they will send him back to my mom?....she will want to bury his.....him with our family" he could bring him self to say his body. That made to real that he was gone.


In the morning, Fly was feeling much better. His fever broke sometime in the night, as attested by his sweat soaked sheets. He felt refreshed, except for the sweaty smell. Tying not to awake Quin, Fly searched for a shower.

Quin felt him leV

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