Dead Drop

"do you think they will send him back to my mom?....she will want to bury his.....him with our family" he could bring him self to say his body. That made to real that he was gone.

Kurt went over to Rayden and put his hand on his shoulder reassuringly. "I'll make sure Tony sees to it. Neil was one of us, family, and he'll get taken care of."

The drop point was soon approaching. Kurt spoke to the pilots about tending to Neil's remains and that Tony would pay them extra to see he was properly taken care of. They wouldn't be able to take Neil with them on the jump. The hike through the desert to the rendezvous point Tony had set up would be rough and dragging a corpse wasn't going to help matters.

As the drew closer to the jump Kurt felt he had to harden his heart a bit. He wasn't sure if Ozaki intended the challenges to be like this. But now wasn't the time to question and doubt.

Now was the time to fly.


Sam was at the bar tending to some customers. In the back of his mind was the news that the FBI and the local feds had raided Alejandro's hangar. Alejandro was dead, along with plenty of his friends. The plane carrying the Free Ones had managed to get away, but the whole town was abuzz. It would be tough to get the kids out of Dodge.

Worse yet, odds were the feds would no doubt start sniffing around the bar eventually. A white dude with a bar in South America, who had connections to various criminal entities in the region, as well as a seedy military background was bound to pop up and be of interest. Sam would have to get out of here too.

Shit everything was going to shit, all over a group of adrenaline junkies. Sam was beginning to regret helping. He went back to get some crates of beer out of storage when he spotted Fly looking a little lost.

"You're looking perkier." Sam said. "If you're looking for the john it's down the hall and to the right. Come talk to me when you've finished. We've got a busy day ahead of us."

There were so many bodies, Hank couldn’t bring himself to look. The fact that Johnny could be dead and that Hank was one that was firing at him and his friends made Hank Sick to his stomach. He quickly ran behind some barrels and lost the contents of his stomach, hoping Val didn’t see him.

Val did see him, yet she didn't think less of him for losing his lunch like he did. It was a natural reaction after getting into a firefight, having to see death. She went over to him and pat him on the back reassuringly. "It's okay."

The area was soon secured and a perimeter was set up to keep the press and other interested persons from getting too close while the place was searched. Val found Agent Johnson sitting on a barrel, sweat trickled down his face as he cooked in his body armor in the hot sun.

"They got away." Johnson said with a hiss. "Fuckers got away quick. Fucking local feds can't sneak up on Ray Charles for shit."

"Do we know where the plane is headed?" Val asked.

"Stateside. No doubt under the radar, these bastards are slick. They know how to get in stealthily. No doubt those dren-heads will skydive over the border." He spat. "Fuck though I plugged one good. I saw it." He smirked, proud of himself.

Val couldn't help but feel sickened. Johnson was glad he'd killed one of them. He enjoyed it. She sighed and looked to Hank, who was still recovering from the shock. Then back to Johnson. "Was it Hank's brother?" She asked.

Johnson looked at her for a moment and tilted his head. "And what if it was? Huh? How'd that make you feel?" Val didn't say anything, she couldn't look Johnson in the eye. " The crazy fucker fired at us, Easton! I did what I had to. Besides... I know it wasn't the Squint's brother. It was someone else."

Val felt relieved. She'd let Hank know when she got the chance, right now they needed to figure out the Free One's next step.

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