The Family, and the Family

"You're looking perkier." Sam said. "If you're looking for the john it's down the hall and to the right. Come talk to me when you've finished. We've got a busy day ahead of us."

“Of course,” Fly responded, the grin showing he was filling more chipper. The temperature was below 100 for the first time in about twenty-four hours.

Fly found the bathroom and turned the shower on to steamy hot. Stripping down, he got inside. It felt so good to be getting a shower.

Once he was clean, Fly completed hygiene, putting on a pair of shorts. He walked to the bed, where Quin was still snoozing. He knelt beside her, smiled, then whispered in her ear, “Wake up sleepyhead; Sam wants to see us

Val did see him, yet she didn't think less of him for losing his lunch like he did. It was a natural reaction after getting into a firefight, having to see death. She went over to him and pat him on the back reassuringly. "It's okay."

The area was soon secured and a perimeter was set up to keep the press and other interested persons from getting too close while the place was searched. Val found Agent Johnson sitting on a barrel, sweat trickled down his face as he cooked in his body armor in the hot sun.

Val’s support meant a lot to Hank. He wasn’t sure if he was responsible for any of the bodies, but it was unsettling for his first gunfight.

He joined the others after cleaning himself up. He splattered some on his shoes, so he cleaned them off too. He hoped Johnson hadn’t seen him and his technicolor yawn.

Hank’s Face was regaining its color when he approached the team. He noticed, Val didn't say anything, she couldn't look Johnson in the eye. " The crazy fucker fired at us, Easton! I did what I had to. Besides... I know it wasn't the Squint's brother. It was someone else."

“Who fired at you?” Hank asked, his face full of concern. “Did anyone see Jonathan?”

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