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Their supplier always had good things. Fly wondered if he’d have the latest in wing suits. He usually did. He was generous in providing for their ventures. When they arrived, Johnny immediately began looking at some of the items.

Kurt smiled and extended a hand to Tony. Tony smiled when he saw the lad. Tony had known Kurt for most of the boy's life, he had essentially been Kurt's father figure since his own had never been in his life.

"Kurt, my boy. It's been too long." Tony said, taking Kurt's hand and shaking it. "Where have you been?"

"Mexico... planning a trip to Brazil. We need some supplies." Kurt told him.

Tony smirked, "So I take it you and your friends are still on the path of Ozaki?"

Kurt nodded. "We can't turn back now, Ton. Not now. We have to see it though."

"You are going to get you and your friends killed, Kurt." Tony said.

"It needs to be done." Kurt said.

Tony sighed then looked to the others with Kurt. "Are you all committed? I won't help you all unless it is unanimous."


“M-my name is Henry Stevens in the Washington cyber unit. I was running a pic of a missing person from three years ago against a facial recognition program.” He was in his zone now, talking computers. “I got a hit from last week at San Luis Potosí Airport.”

Val frowned. "And it pertains to our case how?" She was curious just what Stevens knew, she could tell from his voice he was a bit green, but there was also something else. A underlying tone that made her trust him.

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