Hell Yeah!

Rayden nodded "absolutely" he said "to the end" neil agreed. The were all ready to see it through or die trying.

“Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Hell yeah!” Johnny Fly chimed in. “You can’t enjoy freedom without the risk!”

He flashed his winning smile. “We’re gonna be flying again Tony, and I don’t mean in a plane!”

Val frowned. "And it pertains to our case how?" She was curious just what Stevens knew, she could tell from his voice he was a bit green, but there was also something else. A underlying tone that made her trust him.

“Ahhhh,” Henry didn’t even know what their case involved. “A-actually, I’m hoping you could fill me in on the case. The picture is the same time frame. H-h-he’s my brother.” Henry finally came out with it. He wished he were speaking with a man. He felt he might make more sense with it. And he wouldn’t be stuttering. “H-h-he disappeared his senior year at MIT. H-h-he was talking about wanting fr-freedom. N-n-now, h-here he is three years l-l-later showing up in an area where an FBI investigation j-just opened.”

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