The Offer

She turned to Johnson and asked him to get a coffee while she spoke to Henry. When he left the room she swiveled in her chair to face her back to the door and spoke in a hushed tone. "Okay, Stevens. I'm sure you know what you're doing is way off the reservation. But I'm willing to overlook that. So I'll tell you the situation: A group of adrenaline junkies have been pulling off major heists while pulling off insane stunts. It's all a sort of ritual to appease the forces of nature, it's called the Ozaki 8. And I'm guessing your brother is tied to the group."

As Val began to talk, Henry tapped into her personnel profile. When he saw Valerie Easton’s picture, the anxiety got worse. She was a knock out. Completely out of his league. His Squint personality would be very present in her presence. He was having difficulty with the anxiety just speaking with her on the phone.

When she mentioned Ozaki 8, he quickly Goggled it. It didn’t make sense to Henry. Jonathan was a Mathematician, a completely logical person. This was not the Jonathan he knew. He realized too late that Val had stopped speaking.

“Uh...,” Henry was embarrassed, “t-t-th-this Ozaki 8, d-does it have to be in any particular order? If sssso, it seems some of these can only be per-per-performed in very few places. If we were to use a process of elimination, we may be able to predict the next location. An-And, it would help if we knew of any large payloads in these regions.”

Henry was cussing himself out on the inside. He must sound like a fool to this gorgeous lady. “I-I could m-m-maybe help in that area. I-I c-c-could design a program to get us the best possible coordinates.”

Shit! Henry thought. I’m going to blow this before I can become a part of the investigation.

Tony smirked and nodded. "Very well. Then let's head to the back so you can see what I just got in. I'm sure you all will find something..." He gestured for them to follow him to the back of the store.

Fly was certain he’d find something he’d like. He knew the equipment the girls needed. He knew their sizes. The styles. He made his business to know. Attention to detail.

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