Thank you

Lao was in.

"Thank you. You all probably know more or as much about him as I do... sadly, I only found out who my father was after he died, so I only know what the internet said about him. I found a couple letters in my mom's things from him. He spoke of the sorrow he felt for leaving her and his child behind but that he felt a higher calling. He sent one a year, post marked on my birthday every year. He never asks about me and didn't seem to know if I was even a boy or girl, just that he knew when I was born - or I guess at least he did. His letters got darker over the years and the last one was sent just before he died - trying to stop that whaling ship. My mother died three weeks ago, which is only when I found out about him and I've done nothing but try and find someone out there who is living out by father's legacy. I'm not trying to intrude, you can keep me at arm's length, I'm only asking if any of you really are pursuing the '8', that you take me with you on the task itself..."

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