Let’s Get Serious

The girls laughed "agreed" max said moving his arm off of her. Quin didnt seem bother and in no hurry to move. Max headed back to the guys and stood close to kurt.
Quin grinned up at fly. "can you do a push up with me on your back?" that was quin, always trying to focas on happy things and keep the group balanced. The little peace keeper.

“You know it!” Fly confidently replied.

Fly got into position, allowing Quin to balance on his back. Although Johnny didn’t workout to bulk up, he had good endurance. Besides, Quin wasn’t exactly heavy. He worked in ten push-ups with her on his back.

He quickly turned around, surprising Quin, who now, was sitting on Fly’s abs as he laid flat on the ground. “Just do me a favor,” Fly requested with a serious look. “Always be Leary about new people.”

That didn’t make much sense. After all, Quin was t Leary when it came to meeting him. But, then again, he wasn’t pressing them to make a grand entrance.

“Especially if they need to put in a show to get in,” he argued. “It seems fishy, and it’s not because we’re on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, he may be an okay dude. I’m willing to give him a chance. I want you to be careful, because I care about you!”

"Nice to finally meet you face to face, Hank." She motioned for him to follow her. "We've got everything you asked for set up back at the field office. I'm counting on you, Hank. Don't let me down."

Hank pushed up his glasses again. Damn! Your a professional, Hank! Act like it!

“I w-won’t, Miss Easton.” Hank declared. Not knowing much about the Ozaki 8, Hank pressed for more information. The more he had, the better his chances of being successful. “D-D-Do we know if they are f-following a defined order of events? I m-might b-be able t-to pinpoint the next location.”

Hank realized he couldn’t speak without looking at Val. But as long as he did, his anxiety would build. Her beauty made Hank nervous. The beautiful ones were never kind to Hank.

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