Fly In the Sky

Quin had no hesitation letting go seconds after fly and squealing with glee as she was pulled out and into the air. Max nodded to neil and they let go on after the other. Rayden gave lao a thumbs up and then let go. None of them had any doubt kurt would join them soon.

Fly looked back over his shoulder to see the others joining him in the air. This was true freedom, the point where only Fly controlled his fate. He wasn’t sure if he imagined it, but swore he heard Quin squeal as she jumped. She probably did, but with the sound of the air around him, he was certain he couldn’t possibly have truly heard her. He smiled.

He knew, free falling, head down, he was traveling close to 180 miles per hour. Based upon their height, fly had calculated the last second he would need to pull his chute. He kept a close eye on the timer as he fell

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