Unexpected Turbulence

Kurt kept the plane steady as the others did the jump. Once they were clear he brought the plane around to a new heading which would take it to the airstrip. A couple minutes into the flight Kurt put the plane on autopilot and went to assess the condition of the pilots and the passengers to make sure they were safe and secure for when they landed.

Much to his surprise, he found one of them missing. And before he could react the security team member for the high-roller who owned the diamonds leaped at him from behind one of the seats and struck him across the jaw. Kurt stumbled backwards and tried to recover quickly as the man tried to get in another swing. Kurt ducked and booted the man in the stomach. The guard wheezed and Kurt brought his fist down over the man's right eye. The guard fell backwards and ended up tumbling down the flight of stairs leading to the cargo bay. Kurt followed him. The cargo ramp was still open so the entire place was filled with rushing wind that practically deafened Kurt as he searched for the guard.

The guard suddenly appeared from behind some miscellaneous crates brandishing a metal piece of pipe. Kurt stepped backwards to avoid the strike and managed to dodge the next couple swings as the guard tried to take him out. Kurt managed to catch the pipe on the next swing, pulled the guard in closer, then kicked him in the abdomen. Sending him tumbling back towards the open cargo ramp.

Realizing what he had just done, Kurt dropped the pipe and rushed to try and stop the man from falling out of the plane. The guard fell onto his back and rolled towards the edge, he managed to grab hold of a section of the ramp as he screamed his legs kicking in the wind. Kurt grabbed a piece of the cargo netting that was fluttering on the ground nearby to keep from being blown out and tried to reach the guard.

"Here! Grab my hand!" He shouted to the guard. His voice barely audible.

The guard looked up at him, confused, but tried to reach for him. Just as Kurt was about to seize the man's hand, however, the guard's grip on the ramp failed and he was sent tumbling out into the open air.

"No!" Kurt shouted. But it was too late. There was no hope for the man. Kurt slammed his fist onto the cargo ramp and cursed. After a moment, he went back up to the cockpit and closed the cargo ramp and prepared to land. But he was silent the rest of the way.

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