More Alerts

Henry quickly inhaled as a shiver went up his leg, alerting his nervous system that a beautiful young lady had just touched him. Instinctively, Hank pushed his glasses up hos nose.

It was at that time his phone received an alert. He quickly read it, his face showing the importance.

“I got a hit at the International Airport of Brasilia. My brother’s face showed up there,” he explained to Val and Johnson.

As their plane was landing, Hanks phone got another alert. Apparently, another plane that took off from the same airport had altered its course after taking off.

Hank quickly opened his laptop as the plane was taxiing to the terminal. He had a program running that hacked into the airport’s air traffic control station. He began to input queries. All the information coming back seemed to indicate it was the plane for which they were looking.

“Miss Easton...Mr. Johnson! I think we’ve found our plane!” Hank reporter. “It changed its course from its flight plans with no indication as to why. Also, the cargo ramp was opened on the plan for a while. It is losing altitude and headed for an abandon airstrip.”

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