Flying High

Quin grinned "i couldn't turn back if i wanted, that would mean giving up the flying and i cant do that. "

“Neither can I,” Fly stated as he turned to meet Quinn’s eyes. He knew her free spirit. It drew him into the group. His desire was to be as free as Quin; to be free with her.

Johnny squeezed her hand again. Then, in a spirit of freedom, his lips met hers.

Val wanted to kick Reg in the balls. She went to Hank and put her hands on his shoulders. "Come on, let's find you a quiet place to work."

At Val’s touch, Hank’s knees nearly gave out. He smiled to show his appreciation of the confidence she held in him. He was glad to be assisting the team. They were getting closer to Jonathan. Hank wasn’t sure if he was ready for that confrontation, especially now that someone had been killed.

He followed Val, he’d follow this gorgeous woman anywhere, no matter how nervous she made him. Opening up his laptop, he began to search through the records of the Brazilian Federal Police, or the Departamento de Polícia Federal as they were known locally. It was easier to hack into the Brazilian than any American system.

“There are three well known smugglers within twenty-five miles of here,” Henry read aloud. “Two are in Brasília and the other in Valparaiso de Goias.”

OOC: Let me know the setting. Hank will struggle with it. He didn’t sign on to shoot a gun, but recognizes the risks. If you think he’s nervous with women, just wait til he has to aim a gun. 🤔

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