Where there's smoke...

"im with you till the end man!" Neil said with confidence. And it was true he was the real deal ride or die always had been. Rayden nodded in agreement "i think we should see this through " max looked at neil for a long time then answered "yeah im in" in truth her and neil had been together a long time it was just hard to tell. the weren't official or anything they still slept with other people and didnt call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but they loved each other in a way no one els could understand. And she would follow him to hell and back.
Quin grinned "i couldn't turn back if i wanted, that would mean giving up the flying and i cant do that. "

Kurt nodded, "Good. Then we need to get moving. Tony knows some guys in Valparaiso de Goias who will be able to get us out of the country. The sooner we get out of this frying pan the sooner we can start dealing with the fire."


“There are three well known smugglers within twenty-five miles of here,” Henry read aloud. “Two are in Brasília and the other in Valparaiso de Goias.”

Val nodded, "Okay, then we'll let the locals check out the two there while we check out Valparaiso de Goias." She pat Hank on the back. "Great work, Hank."

OOC: I don't know if this intended shootout is gonna take place in Valparaiso or not I just thought it sounded more interesting than Brasilia. If it helps any, maybe Hank kills Neil to save Val? Just my suggestion for the future scenario. Though If that's the case probably best if Val is wearing tactical gear and a helmet to hide who she is because her whole thing was to go undercover after all.

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