Dizzy Up The Nerd

Hank leaned forward, until his lips met her soft lips. It was over too soon. No tongue action, but it was nice. A chill went up his spine. Val’s face was still there. So, it wasn’t revolting for her. Hank put his hand on Val’s cheek and moved in for another kiss. A real one.

The first kiss had been quick, timid, but sweet. Val smiled still when Hank pulled away. He seemed to be searching her eyes for some negative reaction on her part, she could see the anxiety behind his eyes, no matter minute it may have been. All she could think of was how cute he was. She knew she was gonna have a lot of fun with him. She simply kept smiling, showing him he was doing splendidly so far.

The second kiss got her heart beating faster. She kissed him back, gauging his reactions to make sure he didn't feel overwhelmed. She didn't want him to get uncomfortable. Though he seemed receptive enough. She finally broke the kiss, smiled again, and then took one of his hands and slid it under her shirt.

"Keep going. Touch me. It's okay." she whispered into his mouth before kissing him again.

With all pretense out the window now it was all Val could do to not just let the aching lust take her over and ravage this cute nerd right there and now. She ran her fingers through his hair and let out a deep sigh after breaking the kiss once more.

Then she let out a small chuckle when she saw that she had fogged up his glasses.

"Shit, Hank. I'm sorry about that." She said with a laugh. She got up and went to lie down in the bed. As she did, she pulled off the shirt and laid in bed, legs spread open, and looking at Hank with hungry eyes. "When you've got your vision back I'm waiting, Hank. It's time for you to start surfing."


Tony Margolis was watching television in his apartment when his cell phone rang. He cursed and muted the TV before answering.

It was Lorenzo.

"Kurt? The hell did you do kid? I saw the news all over the internet! You killed a guy?!?"

He remained silent as Kurt explained the situation.

"Fuck me, boy. You've got yourself into a heap of trouble! Look. I'll make some calls, see if any of my friends down there knows a doctor you can trust. You just stay with my pals until I call you back. Don't make a move until then, you got that?" Then he hung up the phone and hissed air through his teeth.

"Puta madre..." he shook his head and started to dial a number...

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