Chills and Bumps

Quin nodded and handed him a water bottle worry on his face. They turnes to kurt as they got closer to civilization. "your men going to meet us ?" neil asked.

Fly couldn’t get the lid off of the water quick enough. The cool, refreshing water felt good going down. However, it only highlighted the Heat his body was producing. It was accentuated by the coolness in the pit of his stomach. It caused him to become nauseous. His face paled with this feeling. The skin of his arms and torso developed chills as the fever raged, contrasting the touch of the cooler air around him. Fly closed his eyes and tried to hold onto hope that it was just a bug and had nothing to do with the leach.

"Shit, Hank. I'm sorry about that." She said with a laugh. She got up and went to lie down in the bed. As she did, she pulled off the shirt and laid in bed, legs spread open, and looking at Hank with hungry eyes. "When you've got your vision back I'm waiting, Hank. It's time for you to start surfing."

The kiss was so scintillating, it brought goosebumps out on Hank’s skin. And when she took his hand up and under her shirt, Hank nearly lost it inside his sweats. Because of the steamy glasses, he couldn’t see where Val had gone when she arose from next to him, but her voice sounded teasingly sexy.

Removing his glasses, it took Henry a few seconds to focus. When he did, the was no hiding what his sweats had failed to hide. How’d you get so lucky, Hank? he asked himself.

He stood, removed his sweats and the shorts underneath, then crawled his thin self up the bed toward Val. Leaning down, he kissed her, showing some nervousness that tried to deny the effects of the vodka. But Hank’s desire won out, making love to the girl that made him more nervous just standing next to her, but went out of her way to make him feel comfortable in her presence. It was the event of a lifetime for him.

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