The Little Death

Quin nodded and handed him a water bottle worry on his face. They turnes to kurt as they got closer to civilization. "your men going to meet us ?" neil asked.

Kurt nodded, "Tony should've told them to meet us at the rendezvous point. We'll have to switch vehicles, they'll dump this one in the jungle. I'll call Tony about Fly when they get us to their hideout."

And everything Kurt said came to pass. They met a shady group of men in a ramshackle bus at a crossroads just before reaching the city and everyone got on board while one of the smuggler's men took the jeep to dispose of it. The man who seemed to be in charge of the group regarded Fly with uneasy eyes.

"Hombre don't look so good. Sick, eh?" The smuggler asked. "Maybe it better to leave him here?"

Kurt put his foot down at that suggestion. "We all go. No one get's left behind!" The look he gave the smuggler suggested that he was willing to kill to make his point. The smuggler, who stood a couple feet shorter than Kurt, didn't argue.

"No problemo, ese! Calma te!" The smuggler gestured for the others in his group to help Fly onto the bus.

"Very, I need to call Tony when we get to where you're taking us."

The smuggler merely shrugged and drove them to their hideout. It was a small hangar with an old passenger plane parked inside. So this was how they'd be getting out of the country. Flying under the radar over the border and then parachuting out. Though if Fly wasn't in a condition to make the jump...

The smugglers took everyone to a small living area where the real leader of the group, a man named Alejandro, greeted them. He was a clean shaven man with a sharp set of clothes and sunglasses. He regarded The Free Ones with a large smile

"Los Locos Gringos!" Alehandro said with a loud chuckle. "Welcome to our humble little operation!" He spoke near-perfect English. "I hope your journey was a pleasant one."

"More or less." Kurt said as he shook the man's hand. It was firm and short. "However one of ours fell ill on the way."

Alejandro smacked his lips and shook his head. "Shame, shame. The jungle has a number of nasty bugs." He glanced over to Fly as his men set him down on a nearby sofa. "Dio mio, he looks in bad shape. I'd recommend a good doctor but... well you did hurl a man out of a plane yesterday." He shrugged and smirked. "Props to you and your friends for pulling off that heist, I must say I was impressed."

Kurt's brow furrowed. "Speaking of... I need to use a phone. Call Tony, let him know about our situation."

Alejadro smirked and produced a cellular phone from his pocket. "Here, amigo. Use mine. It's safe."

Kurt accepted it and decided to call Tony outside where the others wouldn't hear. When Tony answered he filled the old man in on everything.

"Hey, Old Man." Kurt started. Then he had to get an earful about the botched heist. "I know, it's not good. But I tried everything to keep every person on that plane safe. It was a freak thing. He woke up from the sedative and broke his bonds. He nearly killed me and then accidentally fell out of the rear of the plane. I couldn't do anything to save him.

"There's also something else. Fly got sick with something. He's in bad shape. I don't know if he'll be able to make the jump. And I can't take him to any hospitals they'll no doubt be looking for us in places like that."

Then Tony told him he'd make a few calls to see if he could get Fly some help.

"Thanks, Old Man. I owe you... more than I could ever repay." Then he hung up and returned to the others to fill them in on what Tony had told them.

"Sounds like you'll be with us for a little while." Alejandro said. "Mi casa es su casa, amigos! Though we can't miss our deadline. So whether your friend can go or not, we have to be out of here when the window of opportunity opens." He started out of the room before looking back and gesturing to the man who had driven them into the city. "Luis here will get you anything you need in the meantime. Speak to him if you need anything."

Alejandro then left the Free Ones to catch their breath for a brief moment.


He stood, removed his sweats and the shorts underneath, then crawled his thin self up the bed toward Val. Leaning down, he kissed her, showing some nervousness that tried to deny the effects of the vodka. But Hank’s desire won out, making love to the girl that made him more nervous just standing next to her, but went out of her way to make him feel comfortable in her presence. It was the event of a lifetime for him.

Val basked in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Sweat beaded on her skin and soaked the sheets. If Val were a smoker she'd be puffing on a cigarette as per the cliche. Instead she just continued to breathe somewhat heavily and just savor the moment. It was like a major knot inside her had been worked loose, and she could finally relax. Better yet, she was satisfied. In fact Hank had satisfied her more than a couple times, but she'd only admit to the one.

It hadn't even crossed her mind once that she had just fraternized with a fellow co-worker. Then again, maybe that was why it had been so good? Val didn't know nor cared. She just knew that she'd made Hank's night.

She looked over to him and gave him a coy smirk. "How're you feelin', cowboy?"

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