Sounds like you'll be with us for a little while." Alejandro said. "Mi casa es su casa, amigos! Though we can't miss our deadline. So whether your friend can go or not, we have to be out of here when the window of opportunity opens." He started out of the room before looking back and gesturing to the man who had driven them into the city. "Luis here will get you anything you need in the meantime. Speak to him if you need anything."

Alejandro then left the Free Ones to catch their breath for a brief moment.

Quin settled with fly onto a small bed and ran cool rags that she had gotten from one of the men over him. She smiled and mumbles sweet words of encouragement to him.
Rayden shook his head as he propped his self up by leaning on the door frame arms crossed over his chest. Neil moved to kurt. "when is the doc going to get here? he lookes rough. " he asked worry in his voice. Max settled on the foot of the bed and talked softly with quin rubbing flys leg.

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