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Hank was on cloud nine. He had just made love to the girl of his dreams. What’s more, she seemed to enjoy it. He was still holding her in his arms. She was still there. His pride was on an upswing.

“I’m amazed!” Hank quietly admitted. “Someone as gorgeous as yourself being here with me, I’m just amazed. How about you?”

Val giggled. He was like a kid at Christmas, it was rather cute. "I'm good. You gave me a pretty good workout." She kissed him and nestled her head on his chest. "See? I told you you just needed to find that confidence. It looks good on you. Real sexy."

After a while she could feel her eyelids getting heavy. She didn't want Johnson to come knocking and find her in bed with Hank. It would just complicate matters. She gave Hank one last kiss before collecting her clothing and returning to her own room. Sleep finally came to her and she rested easily.

In the morning, Johnson knocked on her door and the look he had was a mix of seriousness and excitement.

"We intercepted a call between Lorenzo and his old buddy Tony. They're in Valparaiso waiting to take a flight out. Apparently one of them got sick so they've got to delay their departure. I've got a chopper ready to get us over there fast. Get the squint and meet me downstairs in five." Johnson told her.

Val wanted to punch Johnson for calling Hank "squint" again, but she was a little hungover from the night before and didn't need another headache. So she merely nodded and let Johnson see himself out. She took a quick shower to wash off the smell of booze and sex and slipped into some jeans and a shirt before going back to Hank's room and knocking on the door.

"Hank, it's me." She said. "I hope you're awake, Johnson wants us down in the lobby in a couple minutes."

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