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Summary: We have our light and they cannot take that from us, not entirely.

Sidhia Losko

Gender: Female

Age: 29 (spiritually, as long as Terridia has existed)

Group: cleric


Dhelgoran, the dwarven kingdom of Dhelgorum in the deep southernmost edge of Terridia


Arcane Arts
Dragon/Human form


Dragon Cleric
Some may refer to her as a sorceress

Physical Appearance

Unusually tall at 6'5''' and lanky, Sidhia has brownish black hair in three long braids and dark skin. Her fingertips are always glowing with a red/violet aura.

Personality and interests

Before she found her fate, Sidhia was kind, curious, and full of child-like wonder. Now she is still a nice person but her curiosity has faded since she's come to know all she's wondered about. A wise woman, she has maintained a humorous quality to contrast her rather shadowy and dark impression. She is quite fond of nature, however those that are used as food are...well, food.
That being said, she refrains as much as possible from harming any other nature unnecessarily, finding other ways to get past. She likes to be out in the wilderness and most creatures are fond of her.
Although she does have her kind side, over the years she has been mildly hardened by mistreatment and isolation in the mountains, resulting in her not knowing how to function in normal societies. She is also appalled by what she sees happening in other kingdoms and wants to help fix it.


Sidhia was born to the dwarven house Losko which, like many dwarven houses, focused on becoming a warrior and receiving placement in the honor that was the Dhelgorum Guard, the army and best warriors in the kingdom. Unlike her kind, young Sidhia was fascinated with the arcane arts and magic, and was upset that dwarves weren't able to use it. She was also a very kind, curious girl unlike many dwarven stereotypes. She had one sister, Salla, who couldn't be more different.

One fateful night, after she pricked herself on poisoned dragon daisies in the forbidden section of a forest, a fire breathing beast flew down upon the underground kingdom and stomped in the ground. The Kheskian goddess Behmindra of the Arcane Arts flew down in the form of a dragon and claimed the child, swallowing her whole, and disappearing into the deathly cold summit. (Dhelgorum remains not beneath the surface but a crater in the ground, still functioning under new control)

But this was not the end for Sidhia, no, for she was reborn into the form of a dragon who could walk in the skin of a human. It was then she was given what she had always desired; magic. A reach into the world beyond her own under the hand of the otherworldly. Sidhia became known among her gods as a Dragon Cleric and resides in the ruined Temple of Kheske, who stood for peace and wellness after breaking away from [i]insert the God-figure's title[/i] to do things on his own. She is one of the few clerics of her kind alive in the many past decades, a very important and rare event to Kheske's followers. She will do all she can to stay alive and well as her human body is mortal but her spirit is timeless, ancient.

The temple is located deep into Ellam's Highlands, a broad, chilling range of mountains that seems almost uninhabitable. The lost spirits and corpses of fallen heroes seem to be the only folks present at the temple, looking to Kheske for guidance on their path to light and restoration when they aren't searching elsewhere. Sidhia helps them on their journey as she has devoted the past eighteen years to the temple and pursuing Kheske's ultimate goal; unite the chaotic kingdoms in joy and justice and snuff out the darkness like a candle.

Favourite Sayings

"Whatever may come, let it."

Favourite food

Lamb, but any meats work

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