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Summary: This wary young medic has awoken in an alien land.

Rodrick Nash

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: medic






F.M. (Fide Master)

Physical Appearance

A somewhat lean, dark-eyed, dark-haired, 5'9" bloke, whose stubby, untrimmed beard displays a lack of self-care, in spite of a reasonably athletic physique and the outdoorsy tan skin he owes to a mediterranean ascendency.
At first glance, relaxed and carefree. Gazed more carefully, his eyes reveal an attentive nature and the lips betray a graveness he'd rather hide, rarely smiling, save for a discreet smirk which hints at a spark of madness.

Personality and interests

Though more interested in academic pusruits than in honing his body, this chess-loving young man won't resist an afternoon swim or a jog in the park, provided it's not too crowded or excessively noisy.
It is true that he may not care as much as a doctor should about the patient's health, acting more due to a sense of duty than of empathy, and that he might be a bit mistrustfull, but Rodrick's not one to harbor undue ill-will. Despite his occasional eccentricities, he's a good choice of someone to depend upon.


Recently graduated as a physician, medical education and the working life has already taken their toll on his psychology: Rodrick's grown unnecessarily wary and mildly detached from other people, and would rather play chess or pursue some other hobby than to keep working and studying. However, after fainting while on duty at an ICU, this earthling woke up amidst the quaint world of Terridia and must learn to trust on and earn the trust of the strange beings of this foreign land, lest he be forgotten in the unknown wilds.

Favourite Sayings

"Even a poor plan is better than no plan" - Chigorin

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