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Summary: The split of the Kingdom drove Brodha away to contemplate his next choice.


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Gender: M

Age: 624

Group: dragon


Not Applicable


Lord of the Skies


The Ancient One

Physical Appearance

Huge, majestic white dragon with scales to protect underneath and extremities while flying. Has a mane of white and white beard. He has spikes at his joints and along his tail. Also horn circling the crest of his head. Spews electrical bolts instead of fire.

Personality and interests

Seeks the Old Ways, when dragons and men were at peace.


Brodha has been around and seen a lot. He befriended the former king and supported him. When the King died, Brodha disappeared, not agreeing the kingdom should be given to both sons. He foresaw the coming civil war and could not bear seeing the kingdom split apart.

Brodha is now seeking something to bring peace within himself. Losing a close friend, and the shortness of other creature’s lives has caused him to be Leary of befriending another being. Perhaps there are other dragons or longer living beings. Brodha’s search begins.

Brodha wishes to return to the old ways, when dragons were not hunted for their spikes and horns, which could be converted to weapons, or scales, which are converted to armour. He would like to defend the kingdom, but wants it united once again.

Favourite Sayings

“How shocking!”

Favourite food

Electric Eels

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Image of Brodha
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