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Summary: Traitor they call me, yet I eat with kings and speak with wizards! I will be immortal!


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: talking animal




He was a peasant farmer for a powerful lord in Barnoria, before offering his services to a rival lord in the kingdom of Loneldrin.


He's now a spy and servant of the evil wizard Oranthuz.

Physical Appearance

As a human, he's average height, with dark hair and a bit of a belly from eating like royalty. As a crow, he looks just like any other crow, though a little bigger.

Personality and interests

He tends to be nervous a lot, but that's because of the way he's treated by the wizard.


When Loneldrin usurped part of Western Barnoria, his Lord was killed and the Manor was destroyed, so he had no more work. Like many from his village, he swore loyalty to the Invaders, and abandoned the old ways of the faithful. By chance he met the evil wizard Oranthuz, and became one of his many, shapeshifter spies. He falsely believes that the wizard will someday give him immortality in return for his service.

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Image of Ruldan
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