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Summary: It's not fair to call me cold-hearted. I'm a snowman!

Wilfred Winterborn

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: human




Member of the F.W.P. ( Frost Warden Patrol) a dsitinct police organization of snowmen, covering most of Northern Terridia.



Physical Appearance

Wilfred's about five feet tall, with small, round black eyes, a button nose and wears a helmet made of ice. He's basically round shaped like most snowmen, and usually carries an ice-sword at his side.

Personality and interests

Comical most of the time, but very serious about his job. Comes off as grouchy if you don't know him, but his loyalty is unmatched by most.


Wilfred came to life in Frostworth about thirty years prior to the current story. He joined the F.W.P. when he was nineteen in order help to protect the innocent from the Yeti King and his snogobs (slang for snow-goblins)

Favourite Sayings

"Brisky blizzards!"

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Image of Wilfred Winterborn
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