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Summary: They think I'm a squire...let it be for now

William Kenny

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Gender: Male

Age: Ten

Group: human




William and his buddies were playing outside one-day in their suburban Chicago neighborhood, acting out their favorite Terridian characters. A sudden thunderstorm forced them to seek shelter in a small, nearby cave. William decided to explore the cave, and to his surprise, the cave seemed endless, until he found an opening on the other end of it. He had no idea that he entered the land of Himlon...a small village in the Terridian kingdom of Barnoria!

Frightened at the situation, he hid himself from the people, not knowing how they'd treat an outsider. Eventually, he travelled westward, where he discovered Castle Hope, one of his favorite places to read about in his Terridia books.

By chance, one of The Faithful Knights spotted him, and asked him many questions. To be safe, William took on a fake name, calling himself "Welyam of Himlon" and claimed to be an orphan. The knight took a liking to him, and brought him to the castle to become a squire in training.

He's been there for a year now, playing squire and trying to fit in with the other squires. His goal is to get back home to Chicago, but in the meantime, he must keep his Earthly identity a secret...

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Image of William Kenny
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