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Summary: Rawr!


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Gender: Female

Age: Hatched a few months ago

Group: dragon


Forest (Unsure where yet)


Vergo's pet, he protects her, and she starts campfires and toasts food for him.


No Rank, just Vergo's beloved pet.

Physical Appearance

Small baby dragon, with red scales and fiery breath. She has yellow and brown patterns on her back, and wings which she only recently figured out how to fly with. Her fire breath is a bright reddish orange, and even for her small size, it can cause severe burns.

Personality and interests

Fierce and self confidant. She loves to fight small animals, and often ends up causing trouble. She is very energetic, curious, and playful with Vergo. Unlike Vergo, she loves collecting things, and will often hide them with her in Vergos backpack. She is an excellent listener, and understands common language very well.



Favourite Sayings

(She knows a little bit of common language, but she cannot fully speak it yet.)

Favourite food

Acorns and Small Rodents

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Image of Torch
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